Comarch Insurance Breakfast 2017

Good morning. My name is Kamila Niekraszewicz I’m the Country Manager of Comarch Italy. Comarch is a software house company Right now we cooperate in 28 countries, we have 84 offices worldwide. We can support our customer in the new innovation world My name is Maja Grabowiecka I’m a consultant of front office solutions for insurance companies I’m very happy to present here in beautiful Milan And I hope this business case will inspire the companies here to invest in digitalization Thank you very much! Today at Comarch Insurance Breakfast we had a pleasure to present issues related to InsurTech and the industry’s future for the next 10-15 years Hello, I’m Emanuel Sitizia I’m the Head Insurance Department of Comarch Italy We’ve just wrapped up our yearly event – Comarch Insurance Breakfast We are quite happy with the turnout. The topics we focused on were the subject of much debate and we do hope to repeat this experience next year In fact we’re already gearing up for more topics, debates and success stories!

Author: Stephen Pender

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