Doctor Debunks Medical Myths | WIRED

Doctor Debunks Medical Myths | WIRED

Author: Stephen Pender

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  1. I just posted this video content to couple of friends just so the stuff I tell them is definitely debunked in Dr. Seema Yasmin video content. Thank you doctor I hope my friends watch this and most of there questions are answered.👈😎✌

  2. I get vaccinated, but you've literally denied your own point in the course of a single sentence.
    "Flu shots give you flu", and you say "Definitely… not" only to continue to explain that it very well could make you drowsy and weak, but also that for a minority of people it will activate the flu… a vaccine is the dormant virus, in a small percentage it WILL activate.
    Again, I'm all for vaccination, but the way you addressed it is simply disingenuous and kind of legitimizes antivaxxers and their horribly misinformed rebellion

  3. 2 days after receiving the flu vaccine i got sick. 4 days after the onset i was running a temperature of 104 degrees F . I was sicker than i ever have been. Cant tell me that the flu vaccine did not make me sick. I'll never take the flu vaccine again NEVER

  4. 8:12 The Flu shot WILL give you the Flu. That's the whole point of the shot. The shot injects a 'weakened Flu' virus. Your body learns to recognize this virus, then makes antibodies. The next time you get a 'real Flu' virus your body already knows what to do and can get rid of the virus quicker.
    TL;DR A Flu shot will 100% of the time give you the Flu, it's just a weaker, worn down version of the 'real' Flu.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but this is what I was told in higher biology class

  5. I disagree with the Females are better treated by male doctors. I have had many male doctor say it’s a female related problem. I have no lady parts!! I feel the men just don’t care as much.

  6. Hum, so artificial sweeteners are ok and you don't need organic foods… I don't think "most doctors" would agree with this

  7. She doesn’t know when she’s talking about flu shots, because what’s in the flu shot is litterally bacteria that your body has to defend off of it’s basically a test but yes she wrong

  8. Two thumbs up for the content. Two thumbs down for the overlying ?music? that is way to LOUD! It drowns out the message, and is so unnecessary.

  9. If GMO are so safe, why are they prohibited in the European Union ?
    Also, MSG HAS been proved to be addictive because it enhances savoriness…

  10. You are one very sensible lady. Very nice to see in this day and age. Loved (and agreed with) all your advice, especially about antibiotics. "I may get that tattooed on my face"… You and me both….I feel that anti-vexxers are a huge threat to our general community health….

  11. People who choose a female doctor live longer, healthier lives than people who don't choose a female doctor. Men who choose not to get married report better psychological well-being than men who choose to get married. The more you know.

  12. I have no idea what this gorgeous doctor looks like. All I heard was her accent, and all I saw was…. well….. I'll let you guess.

  13. They are stopping some antibiotics sooner such as with pneumonia. We treat UTIs with three day courses now but one dose may be enough. Or we treat sinus infections for ten days but les sis effective.

  14. The problem with GMO's isn't that they per se are unsafe. Is that most of the GMO's today are developed not to make plants immune to diseases and parasites, but to make them more resistant to herbicides and pesticides, and the research of the long term health consequences of these on humans is more than established. You should by organic not because of the GMO's, but because you're getting a pesticide free product.

  15. A very informative video. I kind of wish that the background music would be toned down a bit though, as it's pretty hard to hear her, especially towards the end of the video.

  16. I used to get flu-like symptoms after a flu shot. It turns out that I am highly allergic to Thiomersal, a preservative that was very common in vaccines. It's less today. I found this out when I got contact lenses. My eyes turned as red as the bad guy in the Blade movie…

  17. I’d love to hear your take on acetaminophen and the epidemiological studies investigating it’s possible association with various cancers, especially transitional cell.

  18. Half of y’all pro vaxxers haven’t read a single study on neurotoxicity. Aluminum is toxic and so are many other chemicals in vaccines. Time to wake up.

  19. "There is no reason for a human to eat a placenta." Wrong. There are many reasons: 1) emotional connection; 2) some people starve and have to eat whatever they can get their hands on; 3) spiritual or religious belief.

  20. "You can flush toxins out of your body" is NOT a myth — you literally SAY that we DO it! In other words, you say that our body flushes out toxins, but then you say it's a myth that we can flush out toxins, literally contradicting yourself.

  21. First she says, it's a myth that we carry excess waste in our bodies.
    Then she says, we DO have excess waste in our bodies.
    Wait, what…? Stop contradicting yourself!

  22. 8:15 I still don’t believe that, because every single time I get a flu shot literally the next day I get the flu 🤧

  23. I'll always trust medical science, no matter many times it's later found out to be wrong.
    Sometimes you just gotta have faith.

  24. I'm here bc of her. Being honest. Though, watching this video I already these myths are untrue for the most part. Good video.

  25. Aahh, She was 100% likeable until she admitted she believes in the wage gap.

    Looks like there’s some myths she has yet to debunk.

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