Falls prevention exercises – Older People’s Day

Falls prevention exercises – Older People’s Day

There’s an underlying myth that falls are
an inevitable part of getting old. The surprising truth is our risk of a fall
decreases with this one simple thing – Exercise. You see, starting at 30, our muscles can lose up to 8% of their strength every decade. So by the time we’re 80, we’ve potentially lost 40% of our strength. We can help reverse this trend, though, with 6 simple exercises widely used by physiotherapists, to keep us mobile and independent as we age. All you need is a sturdy support, sensible
shoes, and a little time each day. Stand tall and hold your support,
then lift your heels off the floor, taking your weight through the front part of your
feet. Hold this position for three seconds, then
slowly lower your heels to the floor. Repeat this 10 times. Stand tall and hold your support again,
this time raise your toes – taking your weight on your heels. Keep upright and don’t stick your bottom out. Hold this position for three seconds, then slowly lower your toes. Repeat this 10 times. Stand tall sideways on to your support, with
one hand on your support. Now put one foot directly in front of the
other to make a straight line as shown. While looking ahead, take your hand off the
support if you can and balance for 10 seconds. Take your front foot back to hip width apart.
And place the other foot in front instead. Balance again for 10 seconds. Then repeat on the other leg. We’ll be walking forwards for this one,
so use a support like a sideboard. Stand tall, with one hand on your support.
While looking ahead, place one foot directly in front of the other, so your feet form a
straight line. Then move the back foot in front of the other.
Continue a steady walking action for 10 steps. Then take the feet back to hip width apart, turn around and repeat the steps in the other direction. Grab a sturdy chair and sit tall towards the
front with your feet slightly back. Now lean forwards slightly and stand up. If you need to, place your hands on the chair for extra support. Carefully step back until your legs touch
the chair. Then slowly lower yourself back into the chair. Repeat this 10 times. That’s it. Keep these up and you’ll help
your muscles stay strong. If you’d like to keep these exercises handy,
download our PDF.

Author: Stephen Pender

12 thoughts on “Falls prevention exercises – Older People’s Day

  1. Really good, clear and informative. I think this will be a great aid for teaching falls prevention exercises to suitable patients and family members as well as staff.

  2. Great exercise suggestions to help strengthen older adults and prevent falls. An in-home caregiver can also be a great asset in both motivating seniors to exercise and helping ensure the home is as safe as possible to reduce fall risk. More details here: http://customhomecare.net/home-care-services/

  3. Excellent. I have used one of these after I fell from bed. I,did the walk with my butt. Got me to the bathroom. My daughter called 911", fire department did the rest. My bathroom in mobile home very small.

  4. Exercise is a wonderful way to build strength and balance to help reduce the risk of senior falls. Additionally, some simple modifications to the home can help tremendously. An article with a room-by-room assessment of the home with suggestions for each is available here: http://www.absolutecompanion.com/absolute-companion-cares-room-by-room-senior-fall-prevention-tips/

  5. Do you have any video which shows how to walk properly? If you do have please download it. It will help many old persons. Thanks.

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