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All presidents are encouraged, almost required to have main themes. Now, my main theme for this year, undoubtedly, is digital engineering. We’ve decided this year that the time is right to move on, to broaden the topic, and to look in a more strategic way at how civil engineering and other types of construction should rightly be looking to transform the way they work. My experience in innovation and change making has been that any technology-enabled change is a better technology, and that’s quite often the easiest part. Rather, more of changing the processes to allow that technology really to flower, but if you want it to take root, you’ve got to get at behavior and the culture of the place And I think we’ve seen, even over the last few years, a greater influx into the industry of people who are really keen on being technology focused, sustainability focused, conscious of the societal requirements of infrastructure. And what’s really been good to see is that that’s led, amongst young people, to a much greater number of young women coming to the industry. Now, what it does require, all of these change-making aspects require good, solid leadership from the top of any organization. Technology change cannot be for the sake of technology; it has to be to a business purpose.

Author: Stephen Pender

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