NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 22nd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 22nd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

Author: Stephen Pender

100 thoughts on “NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 22nd, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

  1. Trump a piece of mother f**** s**. Lindsey Graham is a piece of s***anybody who thinks that President Trump didn't commit a crime is a piece of s**

  2. No matter party , people do not benefit ZERO, all paid by #taxpayer. Call senators, focus what counts, vip concerns, like the standards in SSI , put value in ur life. Shift this to US, serve people not power❗️Pointless,3yrs,1year left, what do u get ‼️

  3. Please be considerate of other countries.
    Quarantine China,. China has always been a problem with viruses do you remember the yellow fever it’s time for them to be restricted.
    #WHO #UK #USA #Internationalairport #customs

  4. Why are the Democrat politicians such sleaze-bag, bottom feeding, lying, non-human, communist loving, ANTI-AMERICAN TRASH? WHY?

  5. Deborah Dugan: … everything was fine until she got fired then all the sudden she wants to come clean with all the Crooked stuff going on, but it was okay and she didn't say anything before she got fired. Some people!

  6. Noah's Ark :….Agree only dogs are service animals it should only be for the blind. You want a plane ride with your pet, forget it take the bus

  7. I thought it was illegal to ask anyone for proof of their issue/disability or need for a support animal. If the Airlines are allowed to ask for proof and/or refuse service to individuals in these case then, I have a right to do so in my business, ….and I will!

  8. China, 500 infected, 17 dead. Isn't that about the same as the regular flu, with 1,000's dead in the USA? Is this another scare story to keep the people of the world compliant? And notice how today or at any time in the past many people now do not believe a woman can try to sleep their way to the top?

  9. If not a coverup, then explain why the report is strewn with thick black markers????! Only way to remove him from office is to VOTE him out in November!




  11. I love President Zelensky’s answer. He could’ve said “no, president Trump is a good and honest man,” but instead he said, “I’m not the president of the united states; he’s your president.” Bravo!!!

  12. The certification of service animals is not what the ADA requires. It only requires they are trained which can include self-trained animals. Emotional Support Animals were never service animals under the ADA and psychiatric service dogs have the same requirement for training as any service dog. What this story has done is just confuse the issue and put one disability group against another. I am tired of the physical disability community somehow thinking they own the idea of a service animal versus the psychiatric disability community who use service animals.

  13. We’re at the end of our lives 👺because of the elite government making decisions that’s negative and against this great land called America ‼️🙏 big problem is for all humanity don’t understand…….. …………🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏Proverbs 16


  15. Nice story about the Jamaican teacher, but our illustrious president says we are full up and shouldn't allow any more immigrants..

  16. Trump just sounds so unpresidential. “That Nadler. I have known him for a long time. What a sleaze bag”. What leader of a country talks like this. Just unbelievable. No wonder he never gives testimony and his lawyers do written answers to questions. The guy cannot form a proper sentence.

  17. If the facts don't suit you attack the process. See the way he attacks a judge over his sleazy trial lawyer. What a joke!!! Guilty as sin!!!

  18. Adam Schiff is a bold face liar. Take him off the t v He should not be in the American political process. Drain the swamp Trump 2020

  19. 4:20 this is war, all is fair
    Graham, a snivlin' lil' coward
    just like his coward buddy McCain
    Graham could be dying of terminal illness, and would still shill for the grifter trump

  20. I know what people are going to say and I'm not trying to be petty. You can fact check it Google it but research Adam Schiff is a known cross dresser he likes wearing women's clothing. He goes to Hollywood parties dressed up 👗. If people didn't know about adam schiff this is very true he's a cross dresser

  21. This impeachment trials all a bunch of BS to try to stop Donald Trump from being re-elected. Donald Trump is the best president we've ever had the economy is good , the people that want to work are working..so face it he's good for America..

  22. President Zelensky, we don't want Donald Trump. He is an imposter. Donald Trump, you tried to set Zelensky up for failure, and, now it's backfiring on you, Trump.

  23. Cover up … that's a huge understatement of the century. Republican Senate don't mind looking idiotic to push their fascist takeover of OUR country.

  24. Democrats have tapped our president before he was sworn into office. Guilty of trying to overthrow the government and not recognize that we the people voted for him. Trump 2020

  25. anyone with a heart and soul knows tgis is a political witch hunt like the past 3 , led by sore losers, liars and cheaters, fake news staging clip cutting quid pro quo democrats .
    the swamp will be drained
    trump 2020 americans first

  26. First, Democrat, Hollywood and the mainstream media made a joke to humiliate Donald Trump and laughing at him and dared him to run for President. Then Donald Trump ran and won the election. They were shocked and melt down, cried, riot and blocking the traffic and broke the building windows. Democrat promised to impeach president Trump in the same night that he was elected. The first priority issue of Democrat is to impeach president Trump and the other issues are not important even the issues effect the American people lives such as the low cost prescription drug and the infrastructure. Over 3 of planning and preparing to take down president Trump started from Jim Comey , McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Brennan to Robert Mueller and the whistler blower still unable to find Russian collusion, obstruction of justice, extortion, Quid Pro Quo, bribery and any crime. Maxine Walter, Adam Schiff, Nedler and AOC + 3 will never stop trying to impeach President Trump.Nancy Pelosi has been pressured and has no choice but to impeach president Trump. Finally , Nancy Pelosi made the history of one party impeaching president and celebrated the impeachment forever with pens as the souvenir.President also made the history by taxing China to sign the trade deal which no American president could be able to make China do in the past. President Obama told the American people that there was no magic one to bring back the manufacturing jobs.President Trump promised the American people to bring back the manufacturing jobs and have the good trade deal with China, Mexico and Canada to protect the American workers and farmers and American factories which will create millions of new jobs and strong economy and strong military. The promises made and the promises kept. Nancy Pelosi said President Trump is impeached forever. Soon President Trump will also be a quitter forever.

  27. One of these days you geniuses will figure out that it was Saudi Arabia that attacked us on 9/11 and George Bush attacked Iraq and they had no weapons of mass destruction he knew it now we have troops in Saudi Arabia it is unfathomable idiocy

  28. This sickness that coming from over seas now where pres thump was at.he.could come down with it go ahead shake hands

  29. Ya know, if the Democrats would pick ONE subject to pursue on this, it would make sense, but they keep changing their charge, then they change their stoty

  30. Weinstein aka the friend wit benefits case it's a lot of that going on still to this day. y'all fellas Betta have them women sign a contract first

  31. Harvey, the "Punisher?" from Hellywood. I'm so sick of this disgusting, foul, putrid, ridiculous display of the stupid casting couch. May God serve justice and reveal the evil deeds that have been done for such a long time.

  32. Impeachment is dead. The media is keeping it alive. It's such a waste of time and money. Democrats need to work on getting a good candidate and stop trying to remove Trump because then Pence becomes president. So what is the goal for Democrats?

  33. Murdering an american resident?: Well what can you do…
    hacking a guy?: What? i dint know he was such an evil person when i met with him!

  34. I can't wait to hear HOW the Repubcons will even attempt to defend Donald…just their body language and repetitive generalized lies of excuses will be hysterical!

  35. The true American dream,
    should be to separate
    the "fake" United States,
    from underneath British ownership…
    same as Canada should.

  36. quit chasing bad boys and manipulating them with your natural gift of sexual attraction for selfish gain or quit complaining about the bad boys that use their natural gift of strength for their selfish gain! and quit hating on my free speech!!!! these comment are public.. erasing my voice from public is violating my 2nd amendment!

  37. quit chasing bad boys and manipulating them with your natural gift of sexual attraction for selfish gain or quit complaining about the bad boys that use their natural gift of strength for their selfish gain! and quit hating on my free speech!!!! these comment are public.. erasing my voice from public is violating my 2nd amendment!

  38. quit chasing bad boys and manipulating them with your natural gift of sexual attraction for selfish gain or quit complaining about the bad boys that use their natural gift of strength for their selfish gain! and quit hating on my free speech!!!! these comment are public.. erasing my voice from public is violating my 2nd amendment!

  39. quit chasing bad boys and manipulating them with your natural gift of sexual attraction for selfish gain or quit complaining about the bad boys that use their natural gift of strength for their selfish gain! and quit hating on my free speech!!!! these comment are public.. erasing my voice from public is violating my 2nd amendment!

  40. I am glad they are cracking down on that emotional pet nonsense, if you're scared to fly DON'T!

  41. 😂😂 night of falling iguanas in florida to flight attendant saying planes looking like noahs ark from various supposed support animals from pigs to parrots . Wish all news stations threw in some humor

  42. Mexico was shut down for a week when last flu epidemic arrived. Lost millions, and it was found first in the USA. Well sure hope that is contained this time!

  43. To be realistic, regardless of what I think about it personally, I don't think for a minute that Trump will actually be removed from Office by this Impeachment.
    Too many Republicans in the Senate as well as a few Democrats that are scared to support removal. I figure the only way will be The Democratic Nominee defeating Him in November! It The Senate won't do it, let the American People decide.

  44. Trump calling someone else, in this case Jerry Nadler a “sleaze bag” . Now thats rich coming from the grandest sleaze bag of all time.

  45. At 14:34 You do know if we just TURN OFF THE EDISON that man made Collar on our World Machine inside this Celestial Sphere, we do not have to keep doing MUD FLOODS and De-Ja-Vu Repeats of Horror??? Why no one won't just go Break the God Dammed EDISON in Santa Barbara California USA is beyond my comprehension, but it is the reason we keep doing this ORABORUS Curse of REPEAT REPEAT REPEAT!!! The FREE MASON do not own them Lodges and Temples!!!! That is OUR STOLEN PAST!!! The Society of nonmason~


    For as we have shown., U.N. Troops are {now wearing} [{**}] all peoples MILITARY and POLICE Uniforms “no matter” your Countries – Provinces – County!!! Did you know though that at least in the 50 States FOR America that the POLICE actually by LAW from Florida too Alabama from Delaware too Nebraska from Virginia too Montana are the HIGHEST LEGAL AUTHORITY in your State FLAG Countries???

    You see, The FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST do not own anything here, they just place FREE MASON as Presidents “and Judges” and Doctors and Teachers and Coreligionist LEADERS to tell we [the nonmason] [{*}] POPULATION what to do when OUR TAXES and TITHES and TRIBUTE means the Police and Government from Trump the Chump too Putin the Scootin work as OUR EMPLOYEES…., and we do “NOT” Serve Them; otherwise, they would not need OUR MONEY to get a PAY CHECK as “Citizens” of our Nations!!!

    That Spoken…., in the City of Miami Beach FLORIDA USA, these Signs of NO TRESPASSING and other B.S. always say: Your Police Department [REPRESENTATIVES] enforce these Codes??? What does that mean??? That means YOUR POLICE DEPARTMENTS are supposed to REPRESENT the “will of the people” in YOUR COUNTY!!!! +=+ whom YOU the VOTER and TAX PAYER elected as your nonmason Marshal…., not their FREE MASON Dictotor Cop!!!, or Sheriff and in that, they are to PROTECT You and Your Visitors “from Vacationers” of Agenda 21 + 30, REX 84, JADE HELM 15, PROJECT BLUE BEAM, and NOT PROTECT or SERVE “G4S and Acadami” INTERNATIONALIST C.O.P.S. Whom are the True {World Domination} INVADERS in your County “Provincial” City Home Lands………

    Consequently, your POLICE can Arrest “any and all” G4S for “Intrusion” into your COUNTY Boarders Legal System…….., and this is why G4S Could “not Arrest” Johnny Exodice “in City of Miami Beach” FLORIDA USA cause {they knew} Johnny Exodice knew “HE” was a Citizen……., and not a Civilian, and the FLORIDA Constitution has to [PROTECT AND SERVE] all we nonmason “U.S. Citizens” as Visiting Ambassadors and Citizens from the “Great Republic” of GEORGIA USA to your 50 State Flags and ALL FLAGS that do so “adhere” to OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION at War with this INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of freemason lodges known as these Internationalist and their U.N. FLAG…, and this is why we nonmason CITIZENS protect OUR NATIONAL “Right to Exist” UNDER the True Rule of Law of We the People…, not these Servants of OUR Governments and OUR Religionist!!!! They do not TELL US what to do, or what G.O.D. is, we pay them!!! Never Forget That… Q

    You my CITIZEN “Police Officers” in all 50 States must do as our Officers whom took THE “OATH OF OFFICE” in Miami and Uphold and PROTECT OUR “Constitutional Republics” and Common Wealth, só we as Citizens “must help” our nonmason POLICE DEPARTMENTS as nonmason U.S. Citizens “too expel” all G4S and Academi as “FREE MASON” U.N. Troops and {INVADING FORCES} over our Citizens Rights for even we of our Police Departments are CITIZENS…., and we must “arrest and detain” / * all FREE MASON C.O.P.S. for Sedition – Treason – Traitors to we all…

    Lastly, if these PRIVATE CONTRACTED “Security Goons” wish too get paid off the TAXES of our {Town Folks} in our County…?, then OUR MARSHAL shall have to “DEPUTIZE” them that he TRUST to “Serve” and PROTECT our FLORIDA STATE FLAG.., and our Florida Republic CONSTITUTION “within the” FLORIDA USA State Boarders…

    The President “of and for” OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION where I too am a Member, Constituent, and "REPRESENTATIVE" of our Constitutional Rights as A CITIZEN of this world…

    The Commander~



    Learn more at mewe.com >>> Johnny Exodice or UGETube.com >>> Johnny Exodice

    We are OUT OF TIME and it The EDISON is not “Powered Down” and Turned off…, this Celestial Sphere home world of PURGATORY [will not] Survive another EVENT done by these INTERNATIONALIST {of our} Stolen FREE MASON Lodges!!!!


    Q+ The Pen`


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