The World’s First Flying Taxi-Volocopter

VOLOCOPTER WRITES AVIATION HISTORY With the first manned vertical take-off in Karlsruhe, the electrically powered VC1, writes aviation history. We will become the leading Urban Air Mobility service provider worldwide. With our innovative technology, products, and services we will support cities in sustainably transforming their mobility concepts. Volocopter saves time, is extremely safe, emission-free, and quiet. At Volocopter we are developing the whole ecosystem including aircraft, take off and landing infrastructure, and the integration into air traffic management systems. We bring Urban Air Mobility to life. 2016
THE VOLOCOPTER IS GRANTED ITS PERMIT TO FLY In its capacity as the world’s first ever manned, fully electrical multicopter and by one of the most stringent air traffic regulators in the world. We’ll look up the mobile copter are autonomous air taxis that are electrically powered and can start and land vertically. We’ve already proven that the technology works. With this developer idea, the world is now ready to share our vision of inner cities in the next 10 years. We want to demonstrate how it can be implemented in the traffic context of a big city the initial step will be a point-to-point route. For example, going from the airport to the city center which comes along with minimal infrastructure requirements and very low capital risk. In order to significantly increase the capacity of volocopter routes and systems you can implement hubs inhabit. The hub is like a train station where up to 1000 people can be handled per hour. The transaction of Volocopter and passengers in a hub is a flowing system conclave commands That’s all for scaling and this is what it looks like approaching the hub Passengers land on a platform and are then transported into the building Thus the landing site is immediately free for the next air taxi. Once in the building processes are slowed down you can disembark safely And without stress protected from wind or rain in the mop baton news depends inthe hub In addition to processing the embarking and disembarking batteries or fuel cells will be changed automatically. Once recharged, the air taxi goes into the parking deck or sets off for the next flight The hub ensure safety, for example in case of emergency all flight vehicles can land and be parked in a very short time Air taxis will be a further element of local public transport and will relieve the whole system in megacities We can also build ports. For instance on top of tram stations and connect the different means of public transport The great thing about this system is the on-demand ports, meaning we can call an air taxi on-demand at my hotel or at a company The advantage of an on-demand port is that it can be built at very low cost or existing helicopter pads can be used as ports We could already successfully solve traffic problems in megacities The first point-to-point connections, for instance, from JFK Airport to Manhattan can be flown using existing battery technology With two hubs we could transport thousands of people each day Imagine you fly into Newark after an intercontinental flight and you can just simply choose your Volocopter Hop in and get to lower Manhattan within less than 15 minutes Irving is forecasted to create a safe public transport system with air taxis In the city center, we need a digital infrastructure meaning all these elements need to be safely coordinated in airspace These highly networked transport systems will become a reality all over the world, In New York, Dubai, Singapore, and Paris The great thing is they will be available for everyone to use Volocopter will play an integral part in a city’s ecosystem No congestion, no noise, no environmental impact. All this for the price of a cab First time the operation of an air taxi at an international airport and this is been part of a European fondant technology development project that aims to integrate drones air taxis and legacy aircraft into the same airspace it was very special for me to fly the Volocopter today on an international airport Especially exciting to fly this new technology in between these legacies Technologies like these big transport airplanes and helicopters Today is a historic day here at the Mercedes-Benz museum We have shown the first flight of the Volocopter So a VTOL vertical takeoff and landing demonstrating what mobility in the third dimension could look like in the future The benefit of the Volocopter is adding in, this case the third dimension going through the air in a very uncomplicated way The wish of being mobile to be transported from one place to another has been there with the humanity for ages and that we are offering over here The next generation of mobility is an autonomous vehicle. It’s based on the co2 neutral We also want to have more electrification. we also have a fuel cell We are also going up in the air with the Volocopter So what we are trying to do to be the future of mobilities

Author: Stephen Pender

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